Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia

Padma Vibhushan - Hindustani Instrumental - Bansuri

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Gundecha Brothers

Padmashree Hindustani Vocals - Dhrupad

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Mrs. Jayanthi Kumaresh

Music Academy Awardee Carnatic Instrumental - Veena

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A club where you hone your passion !!

About SpicMacay IIMB

SPICMACAY IIMB is committed to the cause of introducing the youth to the traditional Indian culture with the hope that the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and beauty that it encompasses will become an integral part of their lives. We actively organizes Indian classical music, dance concerts and workshops.

About Yamini

Our flagship event is Yamini (the beautiful night) that happens on the eve of Republic Day annually. Yamini is a confluence of various Indian music and dance forms and consists of back-to-back concerts/performances by artistes of renown from all over the country.


Evening concerts at the IIM B auditorium once in two months