The Systems and Technology Club of IIMB

Welcome to SIGMA.
The club of Technology enthusiasts, not neccessarily geeks!!.

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We are a group of tech enthusiast who share a passion for creating things you never thought possible. Guys who love doing what they do and have a lot of fun in the process !!

Affectionately called Superior Intellectuals Governing Mere Apes, Sigma holds the record of being voted "The Best Club" for seven consecutive years. Membership to this club is an entry into the hallowed Hall of Fame of the highest IQ mortals. Sigma drives the bytes in the ether breathing life into the IIMB cosmos.

Never seen or heard, the members of The Force play logical games at the back stage and empower the student community to unleash their potential. Sigma provides systems support to myriad clubs and societies on the campus. Right from your finance games to electing your representatives all the way your selection of electives through the second year, there's little that the student community does without the prerequisite backing of The Force.

Our work


SPIDI- The IIMB Intranet Portal

We are the owner of SPIDI - The IIMB Intranet Portal. It is very useful way to connect with alumni.

Laptop Deals- Attractive, Affordable

We have been successfully carrying out the laptop deals for many consecutive years for the student community.

Summer Placements Mentoring

We provide mentoring and guidance for the summer placements of PGP1s with special focus on technology firms.

Attractive Events at IIMB Fests

We have been conducting events durig Vista and otherwise which attracted huge participation from students.

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