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ShARE is a multicultural, non- profit organisation for students that strives to better understand the complexities of socio-economic and business issues. ShARE's first team was created in Shanghai in November 2002. Today, more than 600 members in 12 countries across 3 continents and over 30 universities along with over 1000 alumni are part of the ShARE global community ShARE’s long term mission is to generate, share and use knowledge to contribute to regions’ human, social and economic development. Being a Think Tank, the insights that we gain from knowledge creation at ShARE can be shared not only amongst the ShARE community, but can also offer corporate and social leaders a novel perspective in tackling pertinent economic and business issues. ShARE is not only a think tank but also an educational hub. ShARE members are trained to acquire new skills, have a compulsory curriculum to follow and eventually take a set of exams. The objective of ShARE is not to add another layer of academic curriculum, but rather to train our members to approach problems differently, in a way that is pragmatic, rigorous and focused. ShARE training modules have been developed in conjunction with alumni, who have worked in top tier management consulting firms. The founder of ShARE is himself a former consultant of the Boston Consulting Group

ShARE Events at IIMB

Slice of Pi

Slice of Pi was a flagship event at Eximius' 13, the annual entrepreneurship festival of IIM Bangalore. Event consisted of 2 rounds where the first round was a qualification round and consisted of a short quiz administered online. 70+ teams participated in the event, 5 of whom were selected for the final round. Final round was aimed at managing the decision making process in relation to financing/divesting an entrepreneurial venture. The teams donned the role of investment bankers and negotiated with entrepreneurs to raise capital funds for the latter's expansion. Founders of a nascent venture called Green Power Systems (GPS) operating in waste to energy technology were invited for the event.


Euro-Vention was an event conducted by ShARE in September 2013 during Vista, the annual business fest of IIM Bangalore. The event was a simulation of the proceedings of the European Union while giving the participants an opportunity to be a part of international discussions. Each team represented a European country and the participants assumed important administrative roles of the country to look at the issues from the eye of policy makers. The event had two rounds – first round tested the participants on their understanding of the Euro debt crisis through a quiz. The second round consisted of teams representing countries and team members representing the Finance Minister, EU representative and the lobbyist of the respective country. The teams participated in discussions on critical issues grappling the Euro debt crisis and suggested solutions from each individual country’s perspective.

War of Sections

ShARE organized two ‘War of Sections’ events in August’2013, as ice breaker and primarily intended at getting people together and ‘sharing’ ideas. The first was a General Quiz ‘ShAREQ’, where participants had fun whilst they were trying to answer questions related to business strategy, finance and industry. Each section in teams of 4 fought out for the crowning glory to go along with a handsome cash prize of 3000 INR. Second was the creative and fun event, ‘Beg, Borrow, ShARE’ – which was a collage making competition. The sections formed teams, collected newspapers and magazines, and then used these along with their own sketches and drawings to complete the collage. The teams put forth a large amount of creativity and the masterpiece was rewarded with 2000 INR.

ShARE In-House

ShARE Individual Projects

At IIM Bangalore the ShARE team comprises of people from diverse backgrounds. This contributes to a healthy platform to share experiences and knowledge. Junior project presentations reflected exactly this. Junior coordinators interacted with senior coordinators, mostly with network managers, to decide upon project topics. A wide range of topics were selected, some of them including 'Cost Economic Analysis of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems', '3D printing', 'Patent wars and it's relevance in pharmaceutical industry', 'Explaining the appreciation and fall of ₹ value with macroeconomic events', 'Analysis and implications of non performing assets of Indian banks', 'Reducing USA's healthcare costs' etc. Extensive literature review and further discussions with senior coordinators helped junior coordinators dissect chosen problems, analyse the causes & their implications and finally come up with recommendations to solve the problems. All junior coordinators used the ShARE presentation training to prepare final presentation materials. The final presentations happened formally in the presence of senior coordinators. The presentations were recorded for future reference and to share on the ShARE website. Questions and suggestions from senior coordinators begot intellectually stimulating discussions which served the ultimate purpose of ShARE to share knowledge for development & social progress.

ShARE with Prof. Charan Singh

As part of this year’s new initiative, ShARE is collaborating with Prof. Charan Singh, RBI Chair @ IIM Bangalore, to work on multiple live projects. These projects are exclusively for the members of ShARE and provide an excellent opportunity to contribute towards real-life policy making issues such as Railway Pricing, Inflation Targeting etc. The research may be considered as an entry in the Working Paper Series or be published in IIMB Review, and most importantly might be tabled as policy suggestions to the GOI.

ShARE Worldwide

Product 2

Share World Seminar 2013 – Mumbai

The ShARE World Seminar happens once a year and gathers representatives from all ShARE teams. It is the most important event for ShARE members and the best opportunity for members from different countries to meet. After Shanghai, Bangalore, Paris, Beijing, Indore and Lausanne, ShARE organized its 9th World Seminar, in Mumbai from the 14th to the 17th of December 2013 with the motto “Building a collective consciousness”. The seminar saw participation of over 100 students from India and various other countries. The seminar spanned over 3 days, with each day having a sub-theme of its own: • Finance • Energy and Technology • Entrepreneurship and Social Issues Each day saw a series of speaker sessions by experts in the field. These sessions led to discussions which threw more light on the complexity of these issues. The speaker’s sessions were followed with workshops and competitions to further encourage the participants to come up with innovative solutions to deal with the issues being faced in the current world. IITB did a great job in organizing the event, bringing in world class speakers and wonderful interactive sessions for the participants. We spent 3 days sharing knowledge and experiences with students from ShARE chapters across the world. It was an amazing learning experience.

ShARE President’s Congress

ShARE is about networking and generating ideas at university level and taking it to the global level. Every year, Presidents from all the ShARE campuses in India meet and discuss the agenda for the coming year and review the past year. The Presidents’ panel discusses the projects done by each ShARE member and holds discussion on how can it impact the national or international level. The events organized by ShARE at each campus is presented to the panel and new events for the coming year are brainstormed. Other issues like financing of each campus, promotions and expanding the network are a part of the agenda of the Presidents’ congress. This year the Presidents’ congress was held at Delhi School of Economics, a ShARE campus. One of the most exciting output of the congress was to scale up the “Euro-vention” event organized by ShARE IIMB to a national level competition to be conducted across all ShARE campuses.

Team ShARE

Ritikesh Kumar

President, ShARE

Kumar Ritikesh graduated as an Electrical Engineer from IIT Kanpur in 2013 and joined IIM Bangalore as a fresher. He interned with Blackstone during the summer of 2014 and worked on portfolio valuation of two leading public hotel companies in India. He has been a recipient of the prestigious Aditya Birla Scholarship and OPJEMS Scholarship. At IIMB, he is also an elected member of Academic Council. In his under-graduation, he interned at the University of California, Berkeley. He also served as the Assistant Coordinator of the Institute Counselling Service and was an elected Senator at the Student’s Gymkhana. Ritikesh is also an adventure sports enthusiast. He has taken lessons in windboard surfing, skydived, loves canoeing, and has multiple treks and white-water rafting experiences.

Vinit Gawande

Vice-President, ShARE

Vinit holds an M.Tech in Communications and a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, both from IIT Bombay. Prior to joining IIMB, Vinit has worked for Halliburton and Schlumberger as a Field professional and was involved in various oil exploration projects across the globe and has worked in Middle East, Africa, US, Asia Pacific and India. He recently interned with Booz and Co. as a Senior Consultant. Vinit is an athletics and endurance sports enthusiast. He has been a part of 2 mountaineering expeditions in Himalayas and many Full Marathons and is also an Elementary Paragliding Pilot.


Senior Co-ordinator, ShARE

Harshvardhan holds a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee. Harshvardhan interned with Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking Division as a Trainee Analyst after first of year his PGDM. Harshvardhan has been involved in various college activities at IIMB like dramatics, organizing events etc. and performed exceptionally well academically figuring in the Director's merit list (top 5% of the batch). Harshvardhan enjoys playing volleyball and is an adventure sports' enthusiast. He was part of the rowing team of IIT Roorkee. He has been selected twice for exchange programs in Japan. His second visit entailed a thorough study of areas affected by 2011 Great Japan Earthquake.

Devendra Nagle

Senior Co-ordinator, ShARE

Devendra Nagle holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from SGSITS, Indore. Prior to joining IIMB he was working with an IT firm where he worked on Software development and was responsible for handling Digital Marketing for clients across globe. He interned with Google India where he was working with India Large Customer Sales Team. In his free time he likes to play table tennis and read novels.

Myanka Agrawal

Senior Co-ordinator, ShARE

Filled with much adulation for the City Beautiful, Myanka has studied IT at PEC Chandigarh and worked at McKinsey Knowledge Center before she made her way to IIM Bangalore. As luck would have, she continued her relationship with the Firm, in a different role, as a Summer Associate at McKinsey & Company and had a fantastic experience helping a US NGO solve electrification issues in rural India. A happy workaholic, she keeps a healthy balance between academics and co-curricular activities. She loves dancing, and can hardly stand still for more than a few minutes. At IIM, she is a part of management club (FII), consulting club (ShARE) and dance crew. She’s fairly driven, and is excited to fulfil her roles in the best capacity as Network Manager (Industry) of ShARE.

Gunjeet Mahal

Senior Co-ordinator, ShARE

Gunjeet earned his Bachelor’s degree from Thapar University in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. He has worked for Oracle for 2 years in the retail divisions and has handled clients like Walmart, Carrefour and Tesco. At IIM B he had interned with Amazon during the summers where he worked in setting up and expanding the sports category in India. He is an avid gamer, a practiced orator and a pub crawler, who loves to spend his idle time exploring new places to eat and drink in the city.

Akshat Kumar Sinha

Senior Co-ordinator, ShARE

Akshat Kumar Sinha holds a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Akshat has previously worked in UBS, Singapore as an intern in the FX Structuring desk, and prior to that as a Technology Analyst in Goldman Sachs. He is a finance and economics enthusiast, and especially interested in their application to the energy sector. In his free time, Akshat likes to watch documentaries on world and Indian history, and also watch TV series based on criminal investigation/forensics.

Shreyas B R

Senior Co-ordinator, ShARE

Shreyas B R holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NITK Surathkal. Shreyas B R has worked for Volvo as a Senior design engineer. He has been involved in various product development projects across the globe and has worked in Sweden, France & India. During the summer break after completing his first year of MBA at IIMB he interned with the Group Strategy Office at the Corporate Centre with Mahindra. Shreyas is an avid follower of Formula 1. He writes poems and movie reviews which are published in his blog site


Senior Co-ordinator, ShARE

Anushi Shah qualified as a Chartered Accountant in May 2012 with an All India Rank of 15 and has completed her Bcom from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Anushi interned with Mckinsey & Co during the summer of 2014 and worked on a project with one of India’s largest financial institutions. As a part of articleship, Anushi has interned for 11 months with the investment banking and broking arm of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Corporate Treasury department. Post Qualification, she has worked with ICICI Bank for a period of 6 months before joining IIMB. Anushi is an avid follower of tennis and a diehard Roger Federer fan. She has undergone 3 levels of formal training in Speech and Drama in association with Trinity College of London and is a dramatics enthusiast.

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