Junior Co-ordinator Selection 2013-14

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Stage Play – ‘Twelve Angry Jurors’


The play was an adaptation of the movie ‘Twelve Angry Men’ with a twist at the end. It was IIM B’s entry in Curtain Call at the institute’s cultural festival Unmaad. It defeated several other entries from institutes all over India to be adjudged as the 2nd best stage play.

Script – Rakesh P Nair

Direction – Rakesh P Nair, Kaustubh Fule


Defense Lawyer – Ankit Khirwal

Witness 1 – Ayesha Abutahir

Witness 2 – Vijay Pillai

Foreman – Vaishnavi Gopal

Juror 2 – Vrinda Suri

Juror 3 – Shivani Pal

Juror 4 – Sharan Makhija

Juror 5 – Arijit Sarkar

Juror 6 – Wilson

Juror 7 – Trideep Basu

Juror 8 – Rakesh P Nair

Juror 9 – Poorna Venkateshan

Juror 10 – Saba Rahman

Juror 11 – Supriya Jain

Juror 12 – Ankita Negi

Judge – Debdutta Chaudhari

Prosecutor - Kaustubh Fule

Accused – Prashant Gutch

Guard – Sandheep Kumar

Street Play – ‘Faisla Aapka Hai’


‘Faisla Aapka Hai’ was IIM Bangalore’s entry in the street play competition as part of the annual cultural festival, Unmaad. It was based on facebook and enlightened the audience about the pros & cons with the ‘aakhri faisla’ left upto the readers to take. The play was widely acclaimed and the judges highly praised the formations used in the play.

Script – Ankit Khirwal

Direction – Ankit Khirwal, Prashant Gutch, Shantanu Chaudhary


Sutradhaars – Prashant Gutch, Adeeba Ansari, Kenil Kotak, Ankit Khirwal

Vishnu – Gaurav Kedia

Narad – Prasoon Mishra

Shiva – Shriyash Jichkar

Parvati – Sanhita Athalye

Inspector – Gurkirat Singh

Pakkad Singh – Dinesh Kumar

Niharika – Sanhita Athalye

Rohini – Sabia Jindal

Police – Prashant Gutch

Banshi (Vegetable Vendor) – Shashank Vikram

Police Inspector – Rahul Sharma

Reporter 1 – Adeeba Ansari

Reporter 2 – Bhavika Kansara

Reporter 3 – Kshitij Awasthi

Street Play – ‘Aham Brahamasmi’


The play ‘Aham Brahmamsi’ was performed as part of Independence day celebrations at IIM Bangalore. The central theme was of the religious narrow-mindedness prevalent in the country and the play very beautifully brought out the message of secularism. People were so enthralled with the performances that there were requests of a repeat performance from a lot of people. Even the director specially came to congratulate the team.

Script – Ankit Khirwal

Direction – Ankit Khirwal, Mukesh Kumar, Shantanu Chaudhary, Prashant Gutch

Stage Play – ‘Julius Caesar – A midsummer night’s murder mystery’


The play, scripted and prepared in-house, best described as a modern take on Shakespeare’s immortal play, Julius Caesar, was certainly the most entertaining play at Unmaad 2011. Besides winning the second place overall, the script was picked up by Barking Dogs Productions and the cast was given direct entry to the 3rd round of auditions for Barking Dogs’ latest venture.

Script: Rakesh P Nair

Direction: Rakesh P Nair, Vivek G Nair


Julius Caesar – Rakesh P Nair

Coitus – Kaustubh Fule

Marcus Brutus – Jithin Valsarajan

Mark Antony – Moinak Chatterjee

Calphurnia – Saba Rahman

Cleopatra – Aarthi Priyadarshini

Cassius – Subhodeep Ghosh

Soothsayer – Vivek G Nair

Wine-taster – Manu Janardhanan

Sailor – Arijit Sarkar

Roman Chorus – Arijit Sarkar, Megha Goyal 

Street Play – ‘Hum Nahin Sudhrenge’

The play was performed during Unmaad’11. The central point was ‘Corruption’ which was in accordance with Unmaad’11 theme. This play throws light on the deeply rooted corruption in normal life and the fight of an individual against it.

Direction: Prashant Ahlawat, Mukesh Kumar, Shubham Maheshwari        


Gurkirat Singh  – Madari

Mukesh Kumar – Jamura

Saba Rahman – A lady teacher

Sunny Jaiswal – A corrupt government employee

Prashant Ahlawat – A corrupt government employee

Saurabh Srivastava – An honest government employee

Street Play – ‘Aaj Ka Bharat’

The play, performed during Independence Day, comprised two parts. First part threw light on conflicts of modern value and traditional values. Second part addressed the issue of fights between groups due to regionalism.

Direction:  Prashant Ahlawat, Saurabh Verma


Gurkirat Singh – Madari

Mukesh Kumar – Jamura

Saba Rahman                    

Dinesh Yadav

Meghana Rajamane     

Shobhit Aggarwal – Bihari Babu

Swagato Chatterjee – Bengali Babu

Stage Play – ‘The Spotted Man’


The play, performed on Cultural Night, received many accolades.

Direction: Vivek Rajagopal

Cast: Vivek G Nair & Rakesh P Nair

Aarambh 2010 Skit


The skit was an out and out slapstick comedy scripted in-house, loosely based on advertisements and movie spoofs and marked the beginning of the club’s year, 2010-11.

Cast & Crew included Jithin Valsarajan, Roshan Prabhakar, Manu Janardhanan, Kaustubh Fule, Subash M,  Nitin Dhawan and Rakesh P Nair