About Us

Anveshan is adventure and mountaineering club of IIM Bangalore Due to the rigour of academic and social life at IIM Bangalore, students sometimes find it difficult to explore areas beyond IIMB or Bangalore. Karnataka and its surrounding areas like the Western Ghats offer most striking landscapes, flora and fauna. It boasts of a few of the best and trying trekking trails in the country. Anveshan organizes and facilitates treks and expeditions at regular intervals so as to enable students to venture out to undiscovered areas, bring out the sense of adventure and fun, experience the hidden elements of Mother Nature and be more sensitive about the surroundings. Someone once said “Altitude is a great equalizer”. An expedition brings together people from most diverse backgrounds and puts them together into trying situations at the most beautiful places. The most dissimilar people become the best of friends through these expeditions. Expeditions also sensitize students about our environment, as one sees it in close quarters. Anveshan Charter can be downloaded here: Charter

Adventurer of the Month

Sumit fostered his love for outdoors during his undergraduate years while trekking and camping in the Himalayas. It has been his passion since then. He believes a good hike in the mountains is enough to refresh oneself from the mundane routine.
Always ready for an expedition, he thinks these are perfect for making some new friends!